• Microsoft and Axelar have announced a partnership to advance blockchain technologies.
• The two companies will leverage Azure cloud technology to enhance user experience on Web3.
• As part of the collaboration, Axelar joins Microsoft’s Azure marketplace.

Microsoft and Axelar Partner to Advance an Intelligent Web3

Microsoft and cross-chain protocol Axelar have announced a new enterprise partnership that seeks to explore interoperability and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into public blockchains systems. As part of the collaboration, Axelar joins Microsoft’s Azure marketplace.

Axelar Joins Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace

The joint venture sees the tech giant and crypto platform collaborate on ways to integrate AI within public blockchains ecosystems. With their newfound partnership, customers can use the Azure Marketplace to access Axelar’s blockchain solutions. This enables thousands of Microsoft’s cloud computing partners use the Azure Marketplace for software discovery and integration.

Hybrid Blockchain Initiatives Leveraged by Microsoft and Axelar

The two companies also plan on leveraging the Azure OpenAI services to bring new experiences in Web3 users through hybrid blockchain initiatives that connect private and public blockchains. By doing so, they hope to accelerate blockchain integration while delivering valuable solutions for customers who wish to harness its potential and transform their operations.

Daniel An: Director of Business Development at Microsoft

Daniel An, director of business development at Microsoft Web3 & AI commented in regards to the partnership that it will help foster further adoption of blockchain technology: “We are excited to collaborate with Axelar to accelerate blockchain integration and deliver valuable solutions to our customers“.


Through this collaborative effort between both parties, they seek out ways in which public blockchains can help secure trust as well as speed up integration of AI into mainstream use cases by leveraging each other’s strengths and expertise in order for organizations around the world adopt this revolutionary technology.

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