The Paxos platform just closed its Series C investment cycle by raising $ 142 million. Partner of the giant PayPal for its cryptocurrency purchasing service, Paxos has received the support of several investment funds.

Paxos enters the big league

U.S. startup Paxos just completed its Series C investment round and has raised $ 142 million , bringing its total funding to more than $ 240 million . Provider of PayPal’s infrastructure dedicated to the purchase, sale and custody of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Era is one of the preferred platforms for institutions.

Paxos has received the backing of numerous investors, including Declaration Partners, Mithril Capital, PayPal Ventures, RIT Capital Partners, Ken Moelis, Alua Capital, Senator Investment Group and many more.

Their support will help accelerate Paxos‘ international growth, particularly with regard to the issuance of stablecoins and cryptocurrency trading .

The startup intends to maintain its leadership position as a provider of cryptocurrency solutions for the largest companies and financial institutions like PayPal , Revolut , Credit Suisse and even Société Générale .

“Our business has grown tremendously from millions of customers a year ago to billions today through partnerships. And this big change in our structure is part of the reason why we need to raise this capital, to really take advantage of the growth opportunities that we see right now, ”said Charles Cascarilla, co-founder and CEO of Paxos.

Data from The Block Research shows that this Paxos fundraiser is the 10th largest fundraiser among companies in the cryptocurrency industry:

The next industry juggernaut?

Since its collaboration with PayPal , Paxos has gained popularity with institutional investors and its services are highly regarded. There is no doubt that Paxos has probably played a role in the dizzying rise of the cryptocurrency queen in recent weeks. In addition, this new investment comes the day after Bitcoin first crossed the $ 20,000 mark .

In 2021, Paxos will focus on aligning its activities with US laws, in order to offer more services to its users and conquer the North American continent . Last week, Paxos also initiated procedures to be authorized to create a crypto-bank in the United States .

If approved, Paxos would become the first digital asset custodian to be regulated at both state and federal levels. This should open up many doors for it and allow it to operate throughout the United States. To help it in this mission, the company even plans to recruit more than 100 people by 2022 .

Undeniably, Paxos is a player to watch very closely. The startup is growing fast, providing services to multiple ecosystem platforms such as giant Binance , which uses Paxos to issue its stablecoin, BUSD .

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