• Robinhood has announced plans to delist Bitcoin SV (BSV) before the end of January
• Between now and January 25, users can still hold and sell BSV
• After the deadline, Robinhood will not support Bitcoin SV trades, purchases, or transfers

Online trading app Robinhood has made a significant announcement that it will be delisting Bitcoin SV (BSV) from its platform. The delisting will begin on January 25, giving users a two-week window to hold and sell their BSV holdings.

The decision to delist Bitcoin SV has been made in accordance with Robinhood’s regular review of cryptocurrencies. The company has a rigorous framework in place to help evaluate the crypto assets it offers. Through this process, Robinhood has decided to remove Bitcoin SV from its platform, and will no longer support any BSV trades, purchases, or transfers after January 25.

Any BSV held in users‘ accounts will be sold at market value and the proceeds will be given to the respective users. This move is part of Robinhood’s goal to make Robinhood Crypto the most trusted, lowest cost, and easiest to use on-ramp to crypto.

The decision to delist Bitcoin SV has been met with mixed reactions from the cryptocurrency community. Some have expressed their disappointment in the move, while others have applauded Robinhood’s efforts to protect users from potential risks associated with the cryptocurrency.

Regardless, Robinhood’s decision to delist Bitcoin SV shows that the company is serious about protecting its customers and ensuring the safety of its platform. With the delisting of Bitcoin SV, Robinhood is one step closer to its goal of providing a secure and reliable cryptocurrency trading experience.

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