•Nolus, an interoperable application on Cosmos, has raised $2.5 million in seed and pre-seed funding to tackle inefficiencies in DeFi money markets.
•The novel DeFi Lease solution by Nolus eliminates the industry’s steep over-collateralization requirements, resulting in improved capital efficiency and more favorable lending options for users.
•The Protocol utilizes a semi-permissioned PoS blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK and a WASM smart contract engine that focuses on interoperability, security, and performance.

Nolus Raises 2.5M to Build Cross-Chain Defi Lease

Nolus, an interoperable application on the Cosmos blockchain network, has secured $2.5 million in pre-seed and seed funding to tackle inefficiencies found within DeFi money markets. This recently concluded seed funding was backed by Dorahacks, Everstake, Cogitent Ventures, Token Metrics Ventures, and Autonomy Capital among others which will allow Nolus to fully complete their technological backbone as well as expand their platform both within and outside of the Cosmos ecosystem.

DeFi Lease Solution to Enhance Money Markets

The novel DeFi Lease solution introduced by Nolus reduces the industry’s steep over-collateralization requirements allowing for improved capital efficiency as well as more favorable lending options for users. This lease provides up to 150% financing on the initial investment with lowered margin call risk and access to underlying leveraged assets through whitelisted yield bearing strategies accompanied by liquid staking derivatives which creates a cornerstone use case for LSDs through self repaying loans within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Semi Permissioned PoS Blockchain

The protocol utilized by Nolus is based off of a semi permissioned proof of stake or PoS blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK along with a WASM smart contract engine that executes in an isolated sandbox model focused on increased security as well as improved performance while providing better interoperability between different liquidity hubs from across various platforms.

Advisory Board Members

In order for Nolus to solidify its presence across multiple chains they have appointed three advisory board members who are Zaki Manian Strangelove and Shane Molidor all of whom will help ensure that Nolus is able to achieve all set goals when it comes to further developing their platform moving forward into 2023 .


In conclusion , Nolus introduces an innovative way of dealing with monetary market issues such as collateralization requirements , margin calls , liquidity , etc . Allowing users access to underlying assets without requiring them to hold large amounts of collateral or face high risk margin calls makes it easier for small time investors or those who wish to leverage their existing funds without taking too much risk . The focus on creating better security protocols while simultaneously increasing overall performance also adds another layer of trustworthiness when it comes down utilizing this new protocol .

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